Name Grade Description Requirements
Aristocrat 4 Outfit master Aristocrat. Master all addons of every outfits.
Generosity of the Emperor 3 A casket of never-ending mana would have been nice, but I guess this will do.. Finish Wrath of the emperor quest.
Gold Digger Achievementsecret 4 Hidden treasures below the sand dunes of the desert - you have a nose for finding them and you know where to dig. They might not make you filthy rich, but they're shiny and pretty anyhow. Dig out 100 Scarab coins in the Sand..
Ice Sculptor 2 You love to hang out in cold surroundings and consider ice the best material to be shaped. What a waste to use ice cubes for drinks when you can create a beautiful mammoth statue from it! Make a perfect ice sculpture.
Ashes to Dust


2 Staking vampires and demons has almost turned into your profession. You make sure to gather even the tiniest amount of evil dust particles. Beware of silicosis. Using blessed wooden stake 500 times successfully on slain demons and/or slain vampires.
Assassin's creed 2 You simply love the thrill of killing.. Kill 100 people.
'Pokémon Slayer' 2 Gotta kill 'em all. Pokémon! Professor Oak won't be too happy to hear about your Pokédex progress. Getting last hit on all Pokemon-Monster once.
'The Dark Knight Rises' 2 Nanananananana BATMAN! Getting last hit on Batman.
Trophy Hunter 2 Experienced hunter. Doing 50 TGyoshi tasks
Deathrunner 2 Experienced hunter. Winning the Deathrun event.
Dominator 2 Pushmaster numero uno. Winning 10 frodo games.
Falcon Achievementsecret 2 Addicted to being boosted. Using 50 Skills Falcon
Fear of Rabbits 2 Bypassing the scariest rabbit in the world. Using anti afk bypass.
Last Man Standing Legend 2 You triumph on the battlefield. Leaving only one man standing, you. Winning 5 LMS games
Master 2 Overachiever. Unlocking 50 Achievments.
Wardrobe 2 You just don't know what to wear today. Better start collecting all outfits so you always look fabulous. Collecting 10 full addons.
Traveler 1 Grabbing your trusty backpack you traveled across the lands visiting all cities. Way to go, traveler. Get Citizen of every town.
Veteran Achievementsecret 1 You've been around quite a while now haven't you. Account needs to be atleast 6 month old.
Allowance Collector 1 You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain. Breaking 50 Piggy Banks.
Annihilator 1 You've daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward. Doing annihilator quest.
Blessed! 1 You single handedly funded a whole church with the money from all your blessings. Buying bless for 50 times.
Demon slayer 1 You're a legitimate master of Demons. Killing 666 demons with gameguard.


1 Dolla dolla bill y'all!. Donating.
Exp, Exp, Exp! 1 Powergaming at its finest.. Using an EXP-Booster.
Fireworks in the Sky Achievementsecret 1 You love the moment right before your rocket takes off and explodes into beautiful colours - not only on new year's eve! Using 100 Firework Rockets.
Football superstar 1 You are the Ronaldo of Masiyah. Winning the football Mini-Game.
Here, Fishy Fishy! 1 Ah, the smell of the sea! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities. For you, fishing is relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Perfect! Fishing up 1000 fishes.
Mathemagician 1 Sometimes the biggest 'secrets' of life can have a simple solution. Obtained during the paradox tower quest.
Potion Addict 1 Your local magic trader considers you one of his best customers - you usually buy large stocks of potions so you won't wake up in the middle of the night craving for more. Yet, you always seem to run out of them too fast. Cheers!. Drink 100.000 potions.
Safer than Pandora's box! 1 You keep your things to yourself and yourself only. Setting a PIN for your character.
Brothers in Arms 1 Welcome to the Guild. Join a guild.
Captain Hook 1 Wannabe Spiderman. Using Dark Trinity Mace 1000 Times.
Choking on Her Venom 1 The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills. Killing the old widow once.
Conquer 1 Catching the Flag once and for all. Capturing the flag in CTF once.
Divorce 1 You were just not meant to be. Divorce once.
Driver 1 Too bad the carts are on rails. I bet you would love to drift through Thais. Using the cart in front of temple 1000 times.
Exchanger 1 Tokens exchanger. Exchanging more than 1000 gametokens at the NPC.
Firewalker Achievementsecret 1 Master of the game 'the floor is lava'. Walking over 1.000.000 Firefields while wearing Firewalker Boots.
GameGuard 1 You have set your foot direction towards the correct path. Logging into the gameguard client.
Hunter 1 Beginner hunter. Doing 1 task in TGYoshi.
Journey 1 This is just the beginning of your journey. There are plenty more things to discover on higher levels. Reaching level 180
King Tibianus Fan 1 You are the most epic of epic adventurers. Epic promotion.
Look out! 1 Showing who's the true bombza. Winning 1 bomberman game.
Marriage 1 Love at first sight? Getting married.
Merchant 1 Professional trader. Trading 100 times.
Mysterious Achievementsecret 1 Lady luck is smiling. Winning the random Lottery.
Prisoner Achievementsecret 1 Hands up, we got you now, badass. Get jailed once.
Resident legal 1 You're a strong independent player, you don't need a bot in your life. Taking 1 level while being on gameguard.
Sssss! 1 Not so bad on Snake. Get a score of 30+
Suicide Squad 1 Do not fear death, child. Suiciding 5 times.
Tasker 1 Beginning of a young adventurer. Finishing 1 daily task.
This is Sparta! 1 Proving your superiority in the deathmatch grounds. Winning 1 team deathmatch event.
Zompy 1 The walking Masiyan. Winning zombie event.
Powergamer Achievementsecret 3 Your dedication to leveling finally paid off. You are among the best. Reaching level 500.
'Ascended' 2 Ascension. Get ascended promotion.
Jokes on You 2 You ain't going nowhere, fool.. Unknown.
Prefer beaches 2 You're not so fond of cold places, why not spend a day at the beach instead? Winning the Firestorm event.
Rather try ice fishing 2 Heat is not really your thing? Why not try some ice fishing? Winning the Icestorm event.
The Devil 2 Defeating the fallen Angel. Kill lucifer.
Charlover 2 Come on, go out. Are you scared of dying? Logging in after being offline for a few days.
Higher than rooftops 2 You smoke more moonrocks than Snoop Dogg. Using marijuana 420 times.
Postman 1 Dear friend or lover.. Send a Letter.
Riddler 1 Riddle me this, riddle me that. You just finished the assassination quest. Finishing the assassins hood quest.</span>

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