Known as: Addon Doll Quest
Reward: Addon Doll, Dragon Scale Helmet, Nose Ring
Location: VIP teleports.
Required level: 300
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Ghastly Dragon, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Grim Reaper, Undead Dragon, Demon, Morgaroth, Juggernaut, Annihilion, Orshabaal, Latrivan, Golgordan, Hellhound, Ushuriel, Ferumbras, Infernatil, Training Monk

Achievment Level: 4+
Level: 300+
Enough player to kill a Training Monk

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs three times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.

Note: You will need 4 Achievments to pass the first, and level 300 to pass the second door.

Now you will have to follow the path until you find 2 teleporters. Simply take one of them.
Be prepared to fight monsters such as:
Ghastly Dragons, Furies, Hand of cursed fates, Grim Reapers, Undead Dragons,
Draken Abomination as well as a Juggernaut and two Morgaroths.

Now you will again have to follow the path until you find 2 teleporters. Simply take one of them.
Be prepared to fight monsters such as:
Morgaroths, Quara Hydromancers, Spectres, Crystal spiders, Massive Fire/Energy Elementals,
two Latrivan, Demon, an Ushuriel, two Golgordan, Diablic Imps and Hellhounds

Now again, you will have to follow the road and fight various monsters on your way, such as:
Draken Elites, Latrivans, Ghastly Dragons, Undead Dragons, Orshabaal, Hand of cursed Fates, Lost Souls, Plaguesmiths, Ancient Scarabs, Hellspawns, Defilers, Heros, Hellhounds, Spectres, Ferumbras',
Behemoths and Medusas.
Note: After the 2nd stairs here:
You will have to fight multiple stronger monsters at once, since you will be greeted by 3 Ferumbras' at the entrace.

After passing those, you will be in a protection zone near the last bosses, which are two Infernatil.
Note:You cannot simply run past them, since they have 2 Training Monks standing behind them that has to be
killed before you can pass to the reward room.

After killing everything, you can just move on to the east into the reward room.

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