Known as: Fury's Legacy Quest
Reward: Arcanes Hat
Location: VIP Island teleports.
Required level: 300
Required Achievment Points: 15
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Fury, Bazir, Apocalypse, Verminor, Charizard, Aryenai

Level: 300+
Achievement Points: 15+

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs four times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.
Fury Legacy Quest1
Note: You will need Achievment level 15 to pass the door.
After entering the Teleporter, you will have to go through the door to the south, which requires Level 400+.
Fury Legacy Quest2
You will have to go to the south-east, fighting your way through alot of Furies until you eventually face an Apocalypse.
Fury Legacy Quest3
Kill it and continue your way to the south east until you face a Verminor.
Fury Legacy Quest4
Kill it and follow the way to the east, fighting your way through another Apocalypse and some Furies until you reach a teleporter.
Fury Legacy Quest5
Upon entering the Teleporter you will have to kill a Charizard and then use the cart to the north-west in order to proceed.
Fury Legacy Quest6
Follow the road and go down the stairs, you will find yourself in a small maze protected by alot of furies.
Head to the south-east and step on the throne.
Fury Legacy Quest7
Continue this step four times, until you eventuall get teleported into the middle of the room.
Fury Legacy Quest8
By stepping onto the throne again, you will enter the final room, where you will face the final boss: Aryenai.
Fury Legacy Quest9
After killing it, simply use the cart in order to get to the reward room.
Fury Legacy Quest10