Infiltrator Infiltrator
60 000 Hp
600 000 Exp
Summons:  None
Attack type: Melee
Max damage: 8 530 hp
Location: Rookgaard, Incheon
Loot: Skills Falcon 97.25%, Golden Legs 4.79%, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries 6.48%, Small Sapphire (0-92) 14.31%, Demonrage Sword 3.08%, Velvet Mantle 3.75%, Addon Doll 12.5%, Solar Cloak 12.5%, Heavy Mace 0.47%, Boots of Haste 2.5%, Royal Helmet 2.5%, Eagle Shield 2.5%, Rose Shield 7.5%, Golden Boots 2.5%, Shadow Sceptre 0.38%, Cowl 2.5%, Magic Plate Armor 10%.

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