Known as: Drachaku Quest
Reward: Drachaku
Location: VIP Island teleports.
Required level: 300
Required Achievment Points: 35
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Minion, Caster Minion, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Nunu, Rammus, Twitch, Vayne, Warwick, Annie, Volibear, Ziggs, Zac, Cassiopeia, Nidalee, Zed

Level: 300+
Achievement Level 35+

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs five times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.
League Of Legends1
Note: You will need level Achievement level 20+ to pass the door.
After entering the quest, you will see yourself infront of three doors, which require level 400+ to pass.
League Of Legends2
Past the door, down the stairs, you will have to face alot of Minion and Caster Minion along your way.
League Of Legends3
After killing them, head to the north east
League Of Legends4
then continue by going to the south
League Of Legends5
then to the east and south again, until you reach the stairs here:
League Of Legends6
Head up the stairs, but careful since there will be alot of Minion and Caster Minions and fight your way the north-east until you reach a building here:
League Of Legends7
In the first room here, you will have to face a Gangplank and a Miss Fortune.
League Of Legends8
Kill them and proceed by going through the door at the north-west. The next room has a Nunu and a Rammus waiting for you. Kill them and continue by going up the stairs to the east.
League Of Legends9
Upstairs there will be a Twitch and Vayne waiting for your arrival.
League Of Legends10
After killing them, proceed to the south to the next room, having a Warwick and an Annie waiting for you.
League Of Legends11
After passing them, and going up the stairs to the north west, you will see yourself in another room, having a Volibear and Cassiopeia waiting for you.
League Of Legends12
The next two bosses, waiting for your arrival in the next room, are Zac and Ziggs
League Of Legends13
After killing them, head up the stairs to the north east, where you will be at first greeted by alot of Minion.
Head either to the west or south, and make your way to the middle, having a Nidalee and a Nunu waiting for your arrival.
League Of Legends14
After killing them, proceed by going into the teleporter, where you will have to face the final boss of this quest: Zed
League Of Legends15
In order to finish this quest, you will have to kill the boss, which will make the teleporter to the reward room appear.
League Of Legends16
League Of Legends17