Known as: Lost City Quest
Reward: Dragon Scale Legs, Golden Helmet
Location: VIP Island teleports.
Required level: 1
Required Achievment Points: 0
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Plaguesmith, Hand Of Cursed Fate, Lost Soul, Dark Torturer, Blightwalker, Massacre, Fire Devil, Nightmare, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Gozzler, Dragon Lord, Braindeath, Ghost, Phantasm, Betrayed Wraith, Spectre, Destroyer, Undead Gladiator, Vampire Bride, Bazir

20 Game Token

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs three times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.
Lost City1
Note: You will need 20 game tokens to pass the door.

At the beginning, you will have to head up the ladder and fight your way through the route, facing several creatures, such as:
Dark Torturers, Nightmares, Destroyers, Undead Dragons, Lost Souls, Hand of cursed fates, blightwalker
until you come to 2 levers. Press the one to the south, and head to the east (where the teleporter was previously blocked by a stone) and enter the teleporter.
Lost City2
Lost City3

Now you will have to follow the way, fighting alot of
Plaguesmiths, Nightmares, Undead Dragons, Hellhounds, Hand of cursed Fates, Dragon Lords, son of verminors, Dark Torturers, Lost Souls, Braindeath, Phantasms, Betrayed Wraith, Grim Reaper.
Lost City4
After you have made your way up to here:
Lost City5
Up the ladder is the final room of this quest, where you have to face
four Vampire Bride, an Undead Dragon, a hand of cursed Fate, and the boss of the Quest, the Bazir
Lost City6

After defeating those creatures, you will stand in front of three teleporters. Only the MIDDLE Teleporter will bring you to the reward room while the other teleporters will bring you back to the start
Lost City7