Name Location VIP Job
Alexander Alexander Alexander Locations No Owns a magic store.
Benjamin Benjamin Incheon Depot, Vip Depot No Sell everything from containers to rings.
Brewster Brewster Port Hope Temple, west of the depot. Yes Handles your divorce.
Carole Carole Thais Depot No Merchant
Daily Huntsman Daily Huntsman Thais Temple No Provides daily tasks.
Lynda Lynda Thais north-west of temple. No Marries people.
Premium Exchanger Premium Exchanger Thais depot No Trade valueable tokens for premium points.
Rashid Rashid Thais No Merchant
Sharif Sharif Travels around the cities. No Selling Promotion
TGYoshi TGYoshi Thais Depot +1 No Provides tasks.
Varkhal Varkhal Oken depot +1 No Selling addons
Vip Rashid Vip Rashid VIP No Merchant
Xodet Xodet Xodet Locations No Owns a magic store.

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