A set is a conjunt of equipment. The upcoming sets are based upon the availability or strength of the equipment in the set.
Note: You can press on the image of an item for further informations about it.

Mid-Level Set

The Mid-Level Set is a more basic, cheaper equipment set which is used by many players.

Forever AolZaoan HelmetExpedition BackpackDark Trinity MaceYalahari ArmorBlessed ShieldSupreme RingDragon Scale LegsGodly RingFirewalker BootsEkLowSet

Mid-Level EK Set

Forever AolYalahari MaskExpedition BackpackStar TearRoyal Scale RobeSpellbook of Dark MysteriesSupreme RingBlue LegsFirewalker BootsMageLowLevel

Mid-Level Mage Set

Forever AolElite Draken HelmetExpedition BackpackChainbolterMaster Archer's ArmorBlessed ShieldSupreme RingDragon Scale LegsGodly RingFirewalker BootsRpLowSet

Mid-Level RP Set

Solar AxeSolar SwordOtherEkWeaponsLower

Mid-Level EK Weapons

High-Level Set

The High-Level Set is a equipment set comprised of powerful and expensive items. It is one of the best sets of equipment for players.

Forever AolGodly HelmetExpedition BackpackDark Trinity MaceWarrior ArmorBlessed ShieldSupreme RingDwarven LegsWarrior TrinketFirewalker BootsKnightHighLevelSet

High-Level EK Set

Forever AolArcanes HatExpedition BackpackStar TearSolar CloakSupreme RingMagical LegsDaramans TrinketFirewalker BootsSpellbook of Dark MysteriesMageHighLevelSet

High-Level Mage Set

Forever AolGodly HelmetExpedition BackpackChainbolterMaster Archer's ArmorBlessed ShieldSupreme RingYalahari Leg PieceAssassin TrinketFirewalker BootsPaladinHighLevelSet

High-Level RP Set

Solar AxeSolar SwordGodly RingKnightHighLevelEkWeapons

High-Level EK Weapons

Dream Set

The Dream Set is a equipment set comprised of the most powerful and expensive items. The items are all very rare, some being available but very expensive, others obtained only by a few players.

Paw AmuletGodly HelmetExpedition BackpackDark Trinity MaceGuardian RobeShadow DefenderPhoenix RingLeaf LegsWarrior TrinketAscendant BootsKnightDreamSet

Dream EK Set

Paw AmuletArcanes HatExpedition BackpackSneaky StaffRose ArmorPhoenix RingLeaf LegsDaramans TrinketAscendant BootsMageDreamSet

Dream Mage Set

Paw AmuletAssassin HoodExpedition BackpackBow of the GaladhrimNative ArmorPhoenix RingLeaf LegsOnyx ArrowAscendant BootsDreamRP

Dream RP Set

Solar AxeThe WindweaverThe ExcaliburSolar SwordDrachakuThe SoulstealerKngithDreamSetWeapons

Dream EK Weapons