Known as: Solar Cloak Quest
Reward: Solar Cloak
Location: VIP Island teleports.
Required level: 250+
Required Achievment Points: 0
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Dragon Lord, Fury, Behemoth, Grim Reaper, Nightmare, Morgaroth, Infernatil, Training Monk

Level: 250+
10 Game Token
A team capable of killing Training monks

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs five times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.
Solar Cloak1

Note: You will need level 200 to pass the door.
After entering the teleporter, you will see yourself beside an npc. Talk to him by saying
Hi - scroll - yes for 10 game tokens, the npc will hand you out a scroll. Use it in order to gain access to the door on the right for one hour.
Solar Cloak2
Enter the teleporter, go down the ladder and head to the south and then west.
Note: At this point you will have to fight your way through alot of Grim reapers, Behemoth and Furies in order to get to the quest.
Enter the door here:
Solar Cloak3
and head to the south west until you see yourself infront of a trap door again.
Solar Cloak4
Now walk to the north, pass the experience gate
Solar Cloak5
and continue walking to the west, then north again
Solar Cloak6
At this point, head to the west again (as far as you can) then to the north
Solar Cloak7
and then to the west again at this point until you reach a ladder.
Up the ladder is where the quest begins.
Going to the west you will be challanged by two Morgaroths.
Solar Cloak8
Kill them and proceed by going to the south west, down a traphole, where you will have an Infernatil waiting for your arrival.
Kill it and then kill atleast one of Monks in order to proceed to the west down the stairs.
Solar Cloak9
You will see yourself in similar rooms, one infernatil followed up by a wall of training monks now for two more times, until you eventually end up here.
Solar Cloak10
Kill the training monks and then the Infernatil again to get to the next room.
Kill the infernatil at the beginning and move forward to the west by killing some training monks, until you eventually meet another Infernatil
Solar Cloak11
Solar Cloak12
Now ahead is the last room, containing another Infernatil, a few more training monks followed by the reward chest behind them.
Solar Cloak13
Clear the way and claim your reward at the chest.
Solar Cloak14