Known as: Paw Amulet Quest
Reward: Paw Amulet
Location: VIP Island teleports.
Required level: 360
Premium: Yes
Monsters: Spoderman

Level: 360+

Method: Go to VIP and walk north-west to the teleporters. Go up the stairs five times and you will find the teleporter
that leads to the Quest.

Note: You will need level 360 to pass the door.
After entering the quest, head to the west, past the EXP-door and enter the Teleporter
Upon entering the teleporter, you will be greeted by alot of monsters, such as Ferumbras and Ghazbaran
After killing them, head to the north, fighting your way through a few Hellhounds, Juggernauts a Morgaroth and eventually a Verminor. Kill them all and continue walking to the north until you find yourself infront of a teleporter
Past the teleporter you will find alot of monsters waiting for your arrival, including an Infernatil.
After killing them, follow the road to the south, then to the east and eventually to the north-west again. You will be challenged by alot of monsters, including a Snorlax at the end, infront of the teleporter.
The next room will have a few Giant spiders, aswell as the Old Widow at first, followed by Spoderman at the end.
You will have to kill the Spoderman, in order to make the teleporter for the reward room appear in the south-east corner.
Note: You will also get the Achievment "The Real Spiderman" if you take the last hit on Spoderman.
After entering the teleporter, simply head to the north to claim your reward.

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