Known as: Secret Watercity quest
Reward: Warlord sword, Golden rune emblem, Golden boots
Location: Monastery in Watercity
Required level: 300
Premium: No
Monsters: Monk, Dark monk, Ghost, Vampire bride, Grim reaper, Undead dragon, Nightmare.
Legend: ...
Level 300+
Method: Go to Thais temple and enter the teleporter to water city to the north east here:
Now head up the stairs and follow the way to the north and enter the house through the garden here:
Now go to the north and head up the stairs five times and enter the teleporter there.
Now simply follow the road, while being challanged by some Vampire Brides, Grim Reapers, Nightmares until you find yourself in a crossway here:
Follow the passage to the west until you eventuall find yourself infront of a door that requires level 300+ to enter.
Go through the door and follow the way to the north while fighting alot of grim reapers and undead dragons.
until you eventually find yourself infront of a teleporter.
simply enter it to claim your reward.

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